Get paid weekly.

There’s no need to wait until the last day of the month to get paid. No need to stand in long queues to draw your money or do shopping.

get paid weekly
students with laptops

Students. Make money during the holidays. Or any other time that you are off.

If you are a student, work on your off days or during your school holidays and earn yourself some cool moola. No need to ask for money from daddy or mommy.

Get paid for the work you love.

Most people just need to get their salary at the end of the month. But they do work that they do not love. On our platform, you choose what work you enjoy… and you get paid for it. Isn’t that just awesome?

get paid for work you love
no reporting to a boss

No reporting to a boss. Ever again.

Since you will be working for yourself and don’t need to report to an irritating boss, you will truly feel the freedom you’ve been dreaming of.

No need to clock in at an office.

You will be working in your own time. No-one will be watching if you are arriving at work on time and looking at a watch. And those clocking machines that need your fingerprint to clock in at work will be a thing of the past.

no need to clock in
unlimited leave

Get unlimited leave - no need to get any leave approved.

You will never need to apply for limited leave ever again. You go on leave if you don’t feel like working on a particular day. Work hard one day. And remain in bed the next day when it’s heavily raining. It’s all up to you.

You have the freedom to work with the people (clients) you get along with.

Did you ever hate working with people whom you don’t like? We feel you. On our platform, you get to choose the customers (and other Vendor Pros) that you get along with. If you don’t like a client, just reject their booking. You also get to charge the prices that you want. You just get to enjoy the freedom of working for yourself.

work with clients that you like
get points for buying from other vendors

Earn points and rewards - convert to cryptocurrency

As a vendor, you can earn points if you order services from other Vendor Pros. Or buy products. Then you can use these points to join our cryptocurrency team, and earn 2X or more on the money you put in.

For example, you can convert your points worth R100. Let us know that you wanna join our crypto team. If the crypto gives a return of 2X. You will get R200 in total.