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Sell products or services online. How to guide.

You have just been approved as a vendor pro on our Hunting Pro platform. Now you are ready to sell products or services online.

Great. Now let’s guide you on how to get started. Quickly and easily.

Step 1

By now you should have your login details from the email you received. To sell products or services online you need to log into your account.

Log into your account here

Step 2

You will land on the normal dashboard. You need to go to the Shop page.

Sell products or services online go to the shop page

Step 3

Before you can sell services online, you will need to copy one that is already being sold by other vendors. This is the quickest way to start.

So, look for the service you want to sell. Let’s take child care as an example.

Click on the picture to open the category of that service.

child care category

Step 4

You will see all the services sold by the vendors already there. And the prices too.

The next step to sell products or services online, is to click on photo to go the services page.

Sell products or services online go to service

Step 5

Next, you will get all the service details by another vendor. Scroll down a bit.

The next step to sell products or services online is to click on the button Sell This Item.

Please note: you must be logged in as a vendor; otherwise this button will not be visible.

sell this item button

Step 6

All right. You will finally land on the last page. The Vendor Dashboard page.

This is where you will put in your information. Like the days of the week when you are available. Your price per hour. And so on. Remember that you need to multiply your intended price by 1.5. This is to cover our platform fees and commission.

For example, if you want to charge R100 per hour. The price you put here must be R100 X 1.5. Which becomes R150.

So, the next step to sell products or services online is to complete these sections, which are self-explanatory. 

  • Picture of your service. We highly recommend that you take your own picture and upload it. The picture must show what service you are doing. Example, for babysitting, you can upload a picture of a baby.
  • Title of your service. Or leave the title as is.
  • Category. Leave as is. In our example. We leave it as Child care.
  • Tags. You can put hashtags here like on social media. In our example, we can put in babysitting, child care, and so on. Or you can leave it blank.
  • Booking duration. Leave as 1 hour.
  • Calendar display mode. Leave as is. Ensure that Enable Calendar Range Picker is checked. So that customers can select dates to book for your services. We recommend leaving Requires confirmation and Can be canceled unchecked.
Sell products or services online enable calendar picker
  • Attribute. Leave as it is.
  • Availability. Leave as they are. Max bookings per block as 1; Minimum booking window (into the future) as 3 hours; and Maximum booking window (into the future) as 1 month.
  • Skip all the sections until you come to Set Availability Range. This is important. This is where you tell us when you are available to perform your services. 
  • In our example, we are available on Saturdays from 9 am to 3pm. And on Sundays from 11am to 3pm. Please add your own days of the week and the times, by clicking on the Add Range button.
add your available days and times
  • Costs. Also very important. You must put in your costs for doing the service (including the 1.5X).Type your cost as a block cost.  In our example, we charge R100 per hour. So we type in R150. Leave everything else blank.
type in your service charges

Skip other sections. Scroll down to the Short Description section.

  • Short Description. Please type in a short description of your service.
  • Description. Type in the long description of your service. You can also talk about yourself here. About your experience. Why you are qualified for this service. Don’t be shy, describe yourself so that clients can choose you instead of other vendors. 
Sell products or services online describe yourself

Nearly there. The next step to sell services online is to make sure that your service is online. So that customers can view it on our website. Skip other sections. Scroll down to the Other Options section.

  • Product Status. Make sure that Online is selected.
  • Visibility. Make sure that Visible is selected.
make sure your service is online

The last step to sell services online is to make sure that you save your product.

Click on Save Product button.

That’s it!

save your services button

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