Pool cleaning services near you

swimming pool cleaning services

Swimming pool cleaning services near you.

When spring arrives, most people wanna dive into a swimming pool to cool down. Or, how about that strong heat in summer? All you wanna do is to jump into a sparkling blue pool. Don’t cha? That’s where we come in. We offer pool cleaning services near your city.

But a pool can be a huge challenge if not maintained regularly. It can easily turn into a green swamp that frogs and their tadpoles can call their home. 

We can also maintain your pool on a weekly basis. Making sure it always blue and ready for you. For parties. Anniversaries. Weddings. Basically ready for any occasion.

So, our pool cleaning services include the following:

  • weekly pool maintenance
  • shocking a pool, turning it from green to blue
  • emergency pool cleaning to be ready for an occasion in a few days
  • yearly maintenance such as changing the sand

So, you need not worry about a thing. And you do need to know how to clean your pool weekly if you don’t want to. Or if you do not have to do it yourself.

So, let’s tell you what we do when we clean your pool to get it ready for any occasion.



1. Brushing and skimming.

The first thing we do when we provide our pool cleaning services is to take out all the leaves. On your pool surface and at the bottom of the pool.

And then we use a brush to brush the pool walls, making sure no algae and other dirt stay on it.

Also, we brush the steps of your pool where the kreepy krauly (the vacuuming thingy) cannot reach.

If you have ladders in your pool, we clean that too as the green algae like to hide behind them.


2. Backwash and rinse.

The next part of our swimming pool cleaning services is taking out all the leaves and dirt already in the pool. This process is called backwashing.

We will do the following for when we backwash and rinse:

  • turn off the pool pump and change the lever to backwash
  • take out all the leaves and other debris in the weir
  • perform the backwash process to take out all the dirty water already in your pool
  • then we rinse the sand in the pool filter

You don’t have to provide chlorine if you don’t want to. We come with all the chemicals. We just ask that you provide the brush and the skimmer. 


3. Our pool cleaning services include circulation.

The next part of our swimming pool cleaning services is the circulating of the pool water. This step needs chlorine.

We will do the following for you:

  • turn off the pool pump and change the lever to circulation (also called bypass)
  • pour chlorine into the weir to allow it to rotate around the pool
  • then we leave it running for some time
  • continue brushing any left debris on the stairs and walls


4. Vacuuming as part of pool cleaning services.

So, after circulating the water around your pool for a while, we tackle the next step in our swimming pool cleaning services: vacuuming.

The process of vacuuming your pool is as follows:


  • putting the pump off and set it back to the filter position. But if your pool is very dirty, we might need to set it to waste so that the dirt goes out immediately.
  • then we use the vacuum to manually vacuum your pool floor, taking out all the dirt that has settled to the floor of your pool
  • then we repeat the backwash process, to take out the last dirt and leaves
  • we also repeat the rinse process, making sure we free all the dust that has gone to the pool filter system


5. Managing chemicals.

The last step in our pool cleaning services involves pouring the chemicals into the pool to get it back to blue colour.

The chemicals that we use include:

  • chlorine, which kills off all the remaining algae that cause  the pool to be green
  • pool acid, which makes sure all the small insects stay away from the pool
  • we then leave the pool pump running for at least 2 hours

We will then test the pH level of your pool to check if it’s between the recommended levels of 7.2 and 7.8.



So, as you can see, you really need our pool cleaning services like today! You must not leave your pool unattended for too long. Otherwise, it takes a lot of effort to make it blue again. Do not let this happen. Occasions happen at any time. Right? The last thing you need is a dirty and green pool that looks unattractive. That would be tragic.

What you need is a clean and inviting pool. You need a swimming pool that is ready for any occasion. Or just to sit in it and relax your feet, after a long day from work.

Or you can try to clean the pool yourself. Pour chemicals and still have a green pool. Be under pressure to get it ready for your upcoming party with your friends. With beer, braai meat, whisky and all. And get stressed.

Or you can order our swimming pool cleaning services today. The choice is yours!


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