Our Story

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Our Story

We are working parents and sometimes we work long hours. So we are unable to fetch some of our kids at school and take them to aftercare. We relied on the transport arrangement that the aftercare has with a driver of a cab.

However there was a day that the transport left our child at school…Luckily my boy has a very good memory and knows my cell number off by heart. He approached the school’s Administration office, crying and told them that the aftercare transport left him behind… and that the teachers have already left for the day.

The school then called me to tell me about the incident. Luckily I was available that day, since normally I get very busy in meetings or doing other work that needs most of my time. My partner, the mother of my little boy, usually cannot answer calls during the day as that is the policy of the dental practice she works for. Can’t blame her…

So after answering the call from school, I had leave everything, including processing payroll, to attend to the crisis at hand. I had to call the aftercare guys to tell them to please ask their transport guy to fetch my kid that he left behind, but apparently he had already left the area. That was very frustrating…

I had to ask my little boy to walk home and shout at the gate, so that his elder sister can open the gate for him. Again, we were lucky that the distance from school to home was small enough for him to walk it. Plus that there was someone at home to let him in. Just imagine if the distance was too far or that there was no-one at home to open for him…

From that day I decided that urgent services needs to be created to help other parents that might be in a similar situation: Au Pair, Baby sitting, Baby care and more.

For Au pair services, the service provider (or Vendor Pro) will focus on the child and not on school children. The Vendor Pro will arrange to take a specific child to school and take that child to aftercare when school ends, where parents can fetch their child later from work. Or parents can ask the Vendor Pro to fetch the kid from aftercare, baby sit the child, help the child with homework, feed the child, watch cartoons with the child at the child’s home. It’s all possible with our services.


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