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office administration duties including filing

Office administration for your business.

Before we start telling you about all the wonderful things that we can do for your business, let’s start to explain what office administration is.

Office admin involves doing the day to day activities that your business should be doing, to keep it up and running.

These day to day activities include the following:

  • financial planning
  • making calls to customers who owe you money
  • maintenance of your office building
  • management of human resources
  • overseeing budgets and accounting records


And the person performing these office duties needs to have the following skills:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access


You need not worry about a thing. Leave all these routine tasks to us. We’ve got you. To make use of our services and free yourself,  just do the following:

  • browse the office administration services near you on our website
  • order services that you want
  • choose the date and time when you are available
  • make an order and make payment
  • sit back and relax
  • we will visit your offices to start with the duties


Just like that. And easy as that. There is no need to get your hands dirty. You get on with the most important business things on your list. We handle everything!

Below you will find are all the office administration services that we offer, to make your life much easier. The smooth running of your office is our concern.

1. Office administration of your building.

For your peace of mind, we will take care of the boring office maintenance tasks including the following:

  • making sure all offices and floors are cleaned, by working together with your office cleaners
  • supervise the ashing of dishes by the cleaners
  • checking that all plumbing issues are taken of
  • making sure that all the aircons are working properly
  • ensuring that the server is running smoothly, thereby making sure that all your employees are not disturbed with their workflows


2. Financial planning.

Part of our office administration duties includes planning for the finances of your business. Unless you plan financially, you will be caught off guard when your business suddenly starts making unplanned losses.

Our financial planning includes:

  • reviewing your business plan for business goals and vision (we can also create a business plan for you if you don’t have one already)
  • coming up with the resources that are needed to achieve these goals, including computers, software, and people
  • calculating what these resources will cost
  • summarising these costs and come up with a budget
  • pointing out all the risks involved with the budget set
  • how much revenue needs to be generated, to break even plus to be profitable


But with us, you need not worry about any of this. You will be in good hands as you work with us.


3. Record keeping.

Every business has to keep its financial records for at least 5 years. But you already knew this. One of our office administration duties is to make sure that you keep organised records of every activity of your business.

We do care about your business being compliant with the law, including South African Revenue Services (SARS) and the Companies Act.

Our office administration duties for record keeping include:

  • capturing records, such as bookkeeping entries for your business
  • classifying these records, for easier enquiries later on
  • securing your records, so that nothing gets lost
  • analysing your records to ensure that all entries have been entered correctly and that the reports make sense to you
  • helping to prepare for your annual audit, by making sure all your records are in organised and complete formats
  • following up outstanding payments from your customers, to maintain a healthy cash flow of your business
  • making sure that your creditors are paid, to maintain good relationships with them


4. Office management.

Yep, the other part of our office administration services includes office management.

Once you select us to manage your office for you, we will be doing the following duties:

  • designing new file systems
  • if you have a file system already, we will improve it, so that everybody in your office finds the information they are looking for easily
  • creating an maintaining the workflows of your employees, to make sure that they are performing tasks correctly and on time
  • recruiting new employees, design onboarding tests that are needed
  • training of your new employees
  • developing employees via financial coaching, including investment coaching and budgeting
  • help in producing annual budgets and monthly monitoring of these budgets against the actual numbers of your business
  • software training of new and current employees


5. Office administration duties include personal assistants.

Personal assistants normally work together with the office manager. We provide the services of a personal assistant if you have an office manager already. Or if you want to add another assistant to your existing team. And this is definitely one of the office administration duties at which we excel.

Our personal assistant duties include:

  • providing secretarial assistance, for example, filing of annual CIPC returns and tax returns
  • making sure that all the work is organised and filed logically and properly, for later retrieval
  • capturing, filing, and managing all your business data and ensuring that it is stored correctly in the office system
  • organising the diary and meetings of the office manager or any other manager
  • ensuring that all documents, reports, and presentations are ready in time for meetings
  • attending to all queries that come via email or website contact forms, while working together with the office manager


Our office assistants are very friendly, professional, and work well with employees at any level. Besides, the smooth running of your office duties is our top priority.


As you can see, you really need our office administration services like today! You need a person who loves people and works well in a team. Yet being able to start work without much supervision. And a person who does that with pride and care. 

You need to order an office administration service from our team.

Or you can try to sort out the office filing and call outstanding payments yourself. Prepare annual regulatory returns yourself. Or make sure that all the presentations are ready on time for your client meetings. And maybe make sure that all your business documents are filed securely online, in case someone spills coffee on your only lever arch file.

Or you can order our services today. The choice is yours!

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