Laundry Services and Ironing Services

laundry services and ironing services

Laundry services near you.

Are you looking for reliable laundry service near you? And are you looking for someone who will take care of your clothes like it’s their own? Stop worrying about laundry baskets, laundromats, and ironing your own clothes.

We’ve got professional helpers who will fetch your clothes, bedding, sneakers, and more from you. Then they will wash them for you. Iron clothes and linens. Then deliver to you within 1 day, from only R400 per load.

Our helpers work all over the country. For your convenience, we have the following:

  • laundry bags
  • washing soap
  • detergents for washing your items

You need not worry about a thing. You just do the following:

  • browse laundry services near you on our website
  • order services that you want
  • choose the date and time when you are available
  • make an order and make payment
  • wait for us to fetch your laundry
  • sit back and relax
  • get everything delivered to you

Just like that. And easy as that. There is no need to get your hands wet. We handle everything!

One of our ladies will arrive on the date and time that you booked.

Below you will find are all the laundry services that we offer, to make your life much easier.

1. Laundry for clothes.

For your peace of mind, we handle all your laundry needs and do the washing and drying of:

  • pillows and pillowcases
  • all adults, toddler and baby jeans
  • golf shirts, T-shirts, round polo neck shirts, and other shirts
  • all formal pants and casual pants
  • delicate material clothing such as silk clothing
  • socks for toddlers, babies, and adults

2. Ironing of clothes.

Part of our laundry services includes ironing of your clothes. You need not worry about just washed clothes and having to iron them yourself. Rather, let us do the ironing of them as well.

This way, you get everything ready to pack in your closet. Ready to wear immediately.

We iron:

  • pillows and pillowcases
  • all jeans
  • golf shirts, T-shirts, round polo neck shirts, and other types of shirts
  • all formal pants and casual pants
  • delicate material clothing 


3. Washing of sneakers.

Who has time to wash dirty sneakers, right? No-one is raising their hand! We thought so…

Washing of sneakers and tekkies forms part of our professional laundry services.

Give us all your sneakers, including yours and your children’s. We handle all of them.

4. Washing of curtains.

We are not leaving out your delicate and precious curtains. We wash those too!

Our laundry services would not be complete without the washing of your curtains.

We handle all types of curtains. These include all colours and all material.

Give them to us and we will make sure that you have them back clean on the same day. We will even hang them back for you.

5. Laundry services for your bedding.

Have you not managed to make time to wash your bed linens yet? Not to worry, we can take care of all your bedroom linen for you.

Our washing for your linen includes:

  • all duvets sizes (single, double, queen, king sizes)
  • comforter pillows and their pillowcases
  • blankets
  • sheets


As you can see, you really need laundry services like today! You need a person who loves washing and ironing. A person who does that with pride and care. And a person who washes clothes and linen as if they are washing their own.

You need to order a laundry service from our team.

Or you can try to sort out the washing yourself, wash it separately, dry it, and hang it on the washing line. Then iron it yourself. Or you can order our services today. The choice is yours!

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