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Gardening services near you.

Are you looking for a gardener service? We’ve got professional gardeners who will clean your garden within 1 day, from only R100 per hour.

Our gardeners work all over the country. For your convenience, we have the following:

  • gardening services Centurion
  • and gardening services Pretoria
  • and gardening services Johannesburg

We will bring the tools necessary to do the garden. But some of our gardeners will need you to have your tools ready for them to start with the gardening services.

Besides, you live a pretty busy life and the last thing you want to do is to spend hours cutting grass, watering your garden, or sweeping leaves. Rather spend your time watching an action movie on Netflix or Showmax. Or choosing which type of nails you want for your upcoming birthday party.

To book one of our gardeners, all you have to do is to take out your mobile phone and do the following:

  • browse a list of gardeners
  • choose the one that is nearest to you
  • choose the date and time when you are available
  • tell us your address
  • make payment
  • that’s it

One of our gardeners will arrive on the date and time that you booked.

Below you will find are all the gardening services that we offer, to make your life much easier.

1. Lawn mowing gardener service.

Are you having a birthday party coming up in a few hours? Or a baby shower tomorrow? And is the grass looking very tall and in a desperate of being cut?

You need our gardening services now…

Our team of well-trained gardeners will take care of your lawn for you. Thye will cut the grass on your property so that your home looks neat and tidy.

2. Landscaping as a gardener service.

If you are a business or individual looking for beautiful landscaping for your property, you got it.

 Our landscaping service offering includes:

  • full landscaping installations
  • garden makeovers
  • 2D & 3D designs
  • irrigation
  • rainwater harvesting
  • regular maintenance

And we offer these services at:

  • office parks
  • residential properties
  • townhouses
  • bed and breakfasts
  • hotels
  • lodges


3. Gardening services include watering of plants.

A garden is not finished if the plants are not fed with fresh water. Agree?

As we do your garden, we take care of all your flowers, grass, and plants. And we make sure that they receive enough water to make them shine. 

The grass becomes greener. Flowers become whiter. And plants become greener too. You get more oxygen!

4. Cutting of branches.

We all love trees, as they make our gardens beautiful and bring us oxygen.

But sometimes our precious trees grow their branches far too long. And sometimes even a tree from our neighbour’s yard grows its branches so long that it spills over to our yards.

That’s where our tree cutting gardening services come in. 

As we are busy with your garden, we will ensure that we cut the long branches from all the trees. We’ll prune flowers where necessary, in order to allow for the new fresh flowers to grow.

5. Removal of rubble.

After all the cutting of branches and pruning of flowers, your garden will surely have rubble that is begging to be removed.

Part of our gardener service is to ensure that we remove all the rubble so that it is thrown away.

Your garden will become like new once all the leaves have been swept away, all tiny branches and dead flowers are thrown away.

6. Removal of weeds.

Nothing kills healthy and green grass that weeds. And your pavement looks untidy with all the weeds popping up all over the place.

This is where our gardener service comes in.

You need someone to remove all the weeds that love to take over your garden and kill your grass. And you need someone to manually take out the weeds from your driveway and paving near your house.

We will take care of all that plus also spray some weed killer solution, to ensure that the weeds don’t grow back anytime soon.


By now, we are confident that you realise that you need gardening services like yesterday! You need a person who loves nature and gardens.

You need to order a gardener service from our team.

Or you can try to cut the grass yourself, cut branches, or take out all the weeds in your yard, and risk injuring your back. The choice is yours!

Other services that we offer.

Gardening services are only one of our on-demand services.

Click here to see all our services.

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