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Furniture assembly

You just bought your beautiful entertainment center and a coffee table. And now all you want to just start enjoying using them but then you need to assemble them first. And you know what? Assembling these babies needs a lot of patience from you and needs you to read the confusing manual, and fully understand it. That’s where our furniture assembly services come in.

And you have one chance to do it right and a bit of luck. Otherwise, you risk them falling to the ground and breaking your glasses. Now, you don’t want that do you?

Unless you assemble furniture regularly, you are better off asking someone else who is a professional to do it for you.

Professionals assemble furniture all the time so they know what to do already.

Rather ask a professional to help you out.

Here are the top 5 top reasons why you need a professional furniture assembler now:

1. You might hurt yourself.

We are not kidding here: furniture assembly jobs are not for everyone. Do not try to save a few bucks by trying to do all the work by yourself. All you need after a long day of shopping is to relax and unwind. Agree?

If you try to assemble the furniture yourself, you risk injuring yourself. And no, and injury to one is not an injury to all, bra!

You might have a piece of thick wood fall on your toes or a glass break on you. Ouch! Do not try to assemble the coffee table yourself if you have not done it before. Rather call someone that does this for a living to do it for you.

2. Have you seen the furniture assembly instructions? Very confusing.

The instructions that should be helping you to assemble the furniture without any problem are always confusing. You might read them again and again, but you might still not get it right.

Miss one important step then your TV might come crashing down from the wall. Eish, imagine that ntanga (friend)!

And that TV might have cost you a lot of money to repair after it has fallen to the floor.

3. You might not have the right tools.

To assemble different furniture types needs different tools. For example: cabinets that have drawers need different tools from mounting a TV on the wall. Do you have all the right furniture assembly tools?

We have seen some people using a butter knife to fasten a screw. Iyo! They couldn’t find a screwdriver and maybe they didn’t have one, to begin with. So, do you have a drill? Do you have the right drill bit size? Exactly!

Most tools you will not have. Furthermore, in order to assemble things properly a professional always has the right tools, which guarantees that all things will be tightened correctly and not have the risk of falling.

4. A furniture assembly professional will do it quicker than you.

Since a professional will already know how to assemble your furniture since he has done it so many, many times, they will not even need to read a manual. Yep, they already know all the steps to follow.

You, on the other hand, will need to read the manual over and over again. And still, get it wrong. Before you know it, it will be dark outside and you will have missed that important soccer or rugby match.

A professional will complete the furniture assembly job much quicker than you.

5. You risk breaking things!

Imagine yourself thinking that you have done a good job of assembling your coffee table, and you have put a plate of food and some red wine on it. Then all of a sudden, kaboom! One of the screws comes off and one side of the table slides down.

Salads and red wine all over the floor! Eish, son! What a terrible sight that could have been avoided… Hiring a furniture assembly professional, who will ensure it’s done right the first time, guarantees that this will never happen.


As you can see, you need a professional furniture assembly person when you next buy your furniture. You need these services today!

You work hard. And you need your lounge to look good and feel comfortable. Additionally, you need to relax once in a while and watch a good action movie.

So, you don’t want to take a chance to assemble that big inch flat-screen TV. Do you? Hire a reliable person who is good at furniture assembly jobs now.

Or you can continue to try to read the confusing and long manuals for assembling coffee tables, entertainment centres and office desks. The choice is yours!

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