data capturing jobs done accurately

Data capturing jobs done accurately

As a business owner, one of your duties is to have accurate data at your fingertips. You then need to use this data to make informed decisions about your company. You need professional data capturing services. Accurate and on time. Every time.

You need information and data captured from physical documents into digital ones. How about from one software to another?

Do not try to cut costs and do all the capturing yourself. And besides, you might not type fast enough in order to meet those tight customer deadlines.

Furthermore, capturing data needs special computer skills and experience.

Rather ask a professional data capturer to help you out.

Here are the top 5 top reasons why you need a professional data capturer now:

1. Data capturing needs speed.

How many words can you type per minute? 10? 20? 40?

Our data captures have been typing fast for years and years. They type an average of 60 to 70 words per minute. 

Since you have tight deadlines to meet or risk losing valuable customers, rather leave the speed typing to the experts. Do you agree? Data capture will have your documents typed quickly and accurately. They will help you meet your deadlines.

2. Data capturers type accurately.

Data capturing is of no use if it’s done fast but it’s all inaccurate. Right? Our data capturers will ensure that your information is produced accurately.

After all, you need that information to be accurate, to make the right decisions. And those decisions include sales, gross profit, and net profit.

You need a presentation typed with no spelling errors? You got it. Our data capturers will get on with it. Polish it nicely. And have it done in time for you to rehearse for that important pitch for your client.

3. Data capturing jobs include knowledge of spreadsheets.

As you need the services of accurate and fast data capturer, you will come across Microsoft Excel data. You will need data capturing for numbers in a spreadsheet. The accuracy here is quite crucial.

Spreadsheets need someone with great attention to detail. If one number is typed incorrectly, it will affect a series of numbers that are linked together with spreadsheet formulas. For example, the wrong revenue number will produce the wrong gross profit and net profit numbers.

All of our data capturers have excellent Excel skills, with formulas including sum formulas. They always double-check what they have typed in. And make sure that the formulas are correct and produce numbers that make sense.

4. Data capturers can work with different software.

Data capturing not only need knowledge of spreadsheets and Word documents, but it also needs knowledge of other software.

We are referring to database software such as Microsoft Access.

For you business owners out there who have lots and lots of data, you will surely have databases somewhere in your system. You will need someone who can capture data between databases and ensure that the linking of that data is accurate, useful, and makes sense. That’s where the experienced services of a data capturer come in.

Our data capturing team know how to export and import data between databases. And they know how to update one data set when the source data changes.

5. Data capturing involves capturing from physical documents.

If you have worked in an accounts department, you will know that you will need to capture data from documents. These documents include quotations, invoices, and bank statements.

Now, if your business does not have a fast and accurate person who can capture these important documents on time, you will never be able to meet your reporting deadlines. Management accounts will be produced late and inaccurately. This makes it impossible to make the right business decisions on time.

These decisions might include:

  • do we need to negotiate with banks to reduce bank charges
  • are we reaching our revenue targets
  • what if we change suppliers
  • what is causing our net profit to decline every month


As you can see, you need a skilled and experienced person who is used to data capturing jobs. You need a person who is fast, accurate, and pays attention to detail.

You need hire our team of expert data capturers.

Or you can try to capture all the information and data yourself. Risk losing valuable clients. And risk making the wrong decisions about your business. The choice is yours!

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