You know that your house needs cleaning regularly. For some of you it can easily be every week or even every 3 days (for those of you neat freaks)! But have you paused to think… what if you can hire someone who is better skilled and has more experience and expertise than you, to come do the cleaning? 

And what if you do not want to clean since it’s not your favourite thing to do? For most of us, it’s not… honestly! Well the house is not going to clean itself, agree? Sometimes you are just too tired to clean and you can’t manage to drag yourself to just start the sweeping, the mopping and using the hoover. Or you just did your nails tonight girl, and blowing on them to dry them out. Why would you want to spoil your manicure hey?

Let’s help you out. Here are the top 5 top reasons why you need a professional house cleaner today, and the day after that as well:

  1. It just takes your energy and time. Think of all the things you could be doing insteading of getting on the floor to do some scrubbing, mopping the floor or fighting the dust off the carpet. And if you are a bit older, your back will quickly start complaining… A house cleaner will very happily do all that stuff for you that you hate or have no time for. They will leave your house smelling good and you will smile all day!
  2. It’s hard labour. To do proper cleaning, do you know that you need to scrub and clean your bathroom every week or 2 weeks? Imagine if someone does these things for you: shine the mirror, scrub the bathtub, clean the basin, fight with the germs in your toilet. Oh, so soothing and so very cool!
  3. You don’t have to worry about buying material ever again. The house cleaners that come to your house come with their cleaning material, so you never have to worry about having all the necessary cleaning material in your house. These include Mr Min, Domestos, Handy Andy and Mr Muscle. And you will never have to worry about buying these ever again. Isn’t that phashasha? Thumbs up!
  4. A professional will do a better job than you. I’m sure you are saying ‘no way’ I can do a far better job! Really? Do you really love cleaning every week or so? And would you dust absolutely everything and not skip anything, since you are not enjoying it? We don’t think so. A professional will ensure all the dust particles are taken care of, including ceiling fans, appliances and dusting behind your TV and cleaning under your bed. Eish, we hope there’s nothing of secret under the bed because your bed will be turned upside down… just kidding!
  5. All the germs will be eliminated! Perhaps you already know… where are some germs hiding in the house (except in the bathroom)? You are right… on the cabinet handles, door knobs and light switches. And did you know you need a disinfectant wipe to wash away those filthy germs? And did you know that this has to be done at least one a week? Well, if you didn’t not to worry as a professional cleaner will make sure that it is done. Now you wonder why you have been running in and out of the loo sometimes and didn’t know why… and no it’s not Castor oil because you never drank it in the first place. No, sister, no. Eish (holding nose)…


We are sure you can see that you need to whip out your phone and order the services of a skilled home cleaner now! 

Try us out. Get R100 off. Get Double Points.

Try us out. Get R100 off. Get Double Points.

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