Babysitting: Doesn’t your child deserve to feel safe and cared for?

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Babysitting Services On-Demand

You are a working dad or mom, and you wonder if you can get someone on-demand to take care of your puntsununu (toddler) when you cannot. You wondered how you lived without one. But wonder no more… Get baby sitting services where you need them. And when you need them.

Picture this… You are at work… Your baby cries… Then the baby wets himself…

Or, your toddler needs milk…  Wants to be cuddled… Who will be there? That’s right… a babysitter comes to the rescue! They will give all the care that your baby needs. All you need is to take out your phone and call for one.

By the way, a babysitting job requires skills in creativity. Plus skills in adventure and play.

Here are the top 5 top reasons why you need a babysitter today:

1. A babysitter teaches your child to bond.

Yep, that’s correct! Your baby needs to get to know someone else other than you. Your baby needs to know they can trust someone at home other than mommy and daddy. This makes life so much easier when they get prepared for pre-school or creche: they can easier bond with a caregiver and other children.

All our babysitting professionals are very patient. And they will teach your loved one how to bond properly and safely.

2. You need time for yourself.

Babysitters are very helpful in freeing up your time. You manage to go do your hair, your toes and your nails. Or spend time with amajita (friends). You get to go to the gym.

Hmmm, very important for your health and wellbeing so you can see your child for long years! Yes, you need to spend time with your child but not all your time, dear.

You need time for yourself too! Our trained baby sitting service providers are there to look after your little one, so that you can spend some quality time for yourself.

3. Babysitting teaches your child to be independent.

Hey? Yes, you heard that right! Having a baby sitter teaches your child to be dependent on themselves at a very early age. It’s a very important life skill! They won’t be crying for mommy when they are 30 years old (mama’s baby)!

Children need to learn that even if you are not around for some time, you will come back. Your toddler will start to feel comfortable without you and it will make life easier when they have to go pre-school. They won’t cry for you every time you leave them there. Well, they might the first few times but not for too long.

4. A babysitting service provider gives you time for your friends and lover.

Just because you have a baby, it doesn’t mean you must tell your child-free friends to stay away from you. ‘Friends, I now have a baby and can’t go out anymore’… Really? Who will be doing the Idibala at the parties now?

Haai bo, sana! Sifuna wena! (No friend, we want only you!). And your boyfriend? He also wants some quality time with you bae… going out and cuddling. And other things in the bedroom, you know…

A professional babysitting service provider will free you up to spend quality time with your friends and your loved one. You need it, hey!

5. Your child gets to have fun!

Babysitters are very good at playing with your kids. And kids love knowing there’s a buddy to play with. It’s like magic when they glow up while having fun!

It’s amazing to watch them play puzzles, peek a boo, or being read a good story.


As you can see, you really need babysitting services from someone who loves being around children. And treating them like their own children. You need these services today!

Enjoy your time with your family and friends. You really do deserve it!

Or you can continue to feed your children. Play puzzles with them. Read stories for them. Every day. And block all your friends every weekend. The choice is yours!

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