5 reasons you need an Au Pair.

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Au Pair SA services.

Where in the world do you get the time to take care of all the needs of your kids? That’s where an Au Pair comes in… they are people who take care of the needs of your kids when you cannot.

And, most of you are parents and most probably one of both of you work 9 to 5 jobs. Even sometimes on Saturdays and Sundays.

Let’s get right to it. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need the services of an Au Pair… right at this moment:

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1. Preparing for school.

An Au pair will help you prepare breakfast for your kids in the morning. They will make sure that your children have enough food for skaftin (lunch box) for the day. An apple a day keeps who away? Yep… a doctor away! Au Pairs will ensure that your sweet little ones brush their teeth (to make dentists happy). Who forgot to comb their hair? Eish, you know how kids are, right?

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2. Drive kids to and from school.

Au pairs love doing what they are doing! Even if the government hikes the petrol price now and then, Au pairs will happily drive your kids to school using their cars, making sure they are on time, every day. And hey, what about after school? Well, while you are at work during the day, you don’t have to worry about fetching them from school either, an au pair will do that too and take them to an after-care class or straight to your home. You choose!

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3. Homework. An Au Pair does that too!

So, you had a very busy day at work and you are still expected to have lots of energy left to help your kids with their homework? It’s not possible. You must have tried and tried to help with homework, and maybe just started to fall asleep and started to snore… right in front of your kid! No man… Sounds familiar? We thought so… That’s where au pairs come in handy! They will help your kids with all their homework on your behalf. They have all the necessary skills and knowledge for Maths, Life sciences, Afrikaans, English and so on to enable them to assist your kids. Besides, you probably do not have all this knowledge yourself… so how are you expected to help your kid? Like really…

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4. Extra murals.

Boys need to play soccer after school and girls need to play netball. Or maybe cricket or just run. Or maybe have some piano lessons or learn vosho? These are times around 2 pm and 5 pm. How are you going to watch them play their favourite sport and most of the time transport them to a different venue? You can’t. Why? You are busy with customers at work during those times. A caring au pair will do that for you, take pictures (and videos too) and report to you how your kids scored goals, played some piano keys or danced the afternoon away.

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5. Your child is sick.

It happens all the time. Your child gets ill or gets injured while playing with other children or during sport. While you may, as a parent, take a day off to take them to a doctor, chances are you cannot do that all the time. Besides, your family responsibility leave days are limited to only 3 days per year! At some point, you will need someone else to take your sick child to a doctor. That’s where the services of an au pair come in very handy. They will happily take your child to a doctor while you are at work. And when your child gets injured even at 10 in the morning while you are in a meeting and can’t answer your phone from school, an au pair will attend to your child’s needs and take your child to a doctor or a hospital if need be.

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As you can see, you need services of an Au Pair right now! Let the children have fun and learn, they deserve it! 

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