Most of you do not like standing in queues. They say we spend an average of 10 years of our lives standing in queues for shopping, buying tickets for events, waiting our turn in a public toilet, in traffic and so on. That’s shocking! Very shocking man!

And do you like going to the Post office to renew your licence disc, and waiting for more than an hour? No? We guessed you would say that.

Let’s get right to it. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need the services of an errand runner… right at this moment:

  1. Shopping. Let’s say you need to rush to watch a soccer match with your chomies, and you do not have time to first go shopping with your loved one. It’s not like you love shopping anyway, right? Our service will free you up and we will do all the shopping for you with no problem. Just send your grocery list and the cash via eWallet or similar methods, and we’ll handle the rest. We will even deliver the grocery right to your doorstep. How phashash is that, bro?
  2. Receiver of Revenue (SARS). You don’t like going to sit and wait at the SARS offices, do you? And do you like waiting in a queue for hours and hours just to get help completing your tax return or query your tax affairs? We thought not. We are more than happy to queue for you, while you do other things in your life that are more interesting to you, like going to the movies, or going to a party. Just tell us what you want resolved and give us the necessary documents and we will do all the work on your behalf. We don’t mind waiting.
  3. Post Office. Have you tried going to the post office to renew your licence disc? Post a letter? Receive a parcel? It’s not fun… Do you know you can easily spend 2 hours in the queue there? Wouldn’t you rather spend those 2 hours watching a movie and cuddling with your loved one? With us, that’s possible… we will happily do all the post office errands for you. Example, we will wait in line, get the licence disc for you and deliver it to you. How cool is that, huh?
  4. Medicine. So you are very sick and weak, and there’s no one at home with you since your kids are at school and your sweetie pie is at work. And what if you cannot wait for kids to come back from school since you need the medicine like… right now? Who do you turn to? Us, of course! You can give us your medicine list, and we will get your medicine for you as quickly as possible. We will go to the pharmacy for you, wait in the queue for you, buy the medicine on your behalf and even bring it home to you. That feels much better.
  5. Traffic department. Do you need to pay your traffic fine? What about having to visit the traffic department in order to apply for a renewal of you drivers licence, and stand in a long queue? Only to find out you were standing in the wrong queue all this time and nobody told you. Ye? And oh, you need to go back after a couple of weeks and again, stand in a long queue, just to fetch your new shiny drivers licence. Eish, son! We were not joking when we said you spend 10 years of your lifetime standing in queues baba. You would feel better if someone else did it for you… trust us. We will do all the work for you, queue again and again, and make sure you get your new drivers licence. All smiles 😉

As you can see, you really need the services of someone to run errands for you today! Enjoy your time doing the things you love, you really deserve it! Or wait, wait and wait in long queues for 2, 3 or even 6 hours.

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Try us out. Get R100 off. Get Double Points.

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